Colleen’s special care and regular maintenance keeps our garden looking great all year around.  She updates us regularly on ideas for changes or replacements, and her wonderful knowledge of plants lets us grow the garden exactly how we like it –  for us and our children!

- Mary, monthly maintenance client

Colleen comes to our house seasonally.  Colleen does a wonderful job taking care of our garden and yard, and keeping the plants looking great! I completely trust her advice and suggestions to improve and maintain our yard.  She replaced some plants in our back yard, and her suggestions look great and are thriving nicely!  She does a great job! I always like my yard better after she comes.

- Carrie, seasonal maintenance client

Colleen helped me add a new perennial bed along a new fence that not only provided natural camouflage , but added a cohesiveness to the yard, blending well with the existing garden beds.  Every summer I get complimented on my yard, and I have Colleen to thank.  She was easy to work with, has great ideas of her own but was willing to incorporate my ideas/wishes.  Highly recommend.

- Andrea, garden design client

Colleen did a great job helping me plant a new bed along a fence line. She provided drawings and suggestions based on my preferences, and shopped and planted in a timely manner. Although we had a bad winter for new plantings, so far they have all survived! I like working with Colleen and she continues to give me hints and advice because, luckily, she is my neighbor, too!

- Joan, garden design client

I have been thrilled with Colleen’s garden services. She is absolutely 100% reliable plus she is very thoughtful and thorough in her approach. She handles all of my monthly gardening, weeding, mulching, pruning, plant replacement, pots, everything. Her attention to detail and knowledgeable suggestions for improvements are especially helpful and much appreciated.

- Heidi, maintenance and design client